Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


  • When Making a Profit Gets In The Way Of Making A Profit

    When Making a Profit Gets In The Way Of Making A Profit

    While driving a couple days ago, I noticed something odd about a sign-flipper standing on the corner moving a pizza sign up and down. Almost through the intersection, I focused on this person’s face and it turned out to not even be a person at all (see photo)!


  • Remarketing: Ads That Follow You

    Remarketing: Ads That Follow You

    If you're feeling like you are becoming more and more like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, you are. Have you noticed lately that ads seem to be more tailored to your interest, and even follow you around the web?


  • How Often Should You Update Your Website?

    How Often Should You Update Your Website?

    Too many websites stay frozen in time, providing thirsty travelers with dry and outdated content. The good news is that search engines like Google are starting devalue stale websites.


  • 3 Steps To Create A Viral Post

    When I say viral, I don't mean a couple hundred likes. I mean a couple hundred thousand, or million! My first photo to go viral was in 2013. It was on my Facebook called Social Pups. The photo was of a soldier with laying down with his K9 companion.


  • How To Delete Bad Yelp Reviews

    Many businesses ignore their Yelp page because they think some of the reviews are fake, false, or unfair. The good news is there things you can do to put an end to the negative reviews. 


  • How To Use Memes To Promote Your Business

    Meme Business

    When people are on their favorite social media stream, they aren't going to "slow their scroll" for a boring block of text. We are visual creatures. The term "meme" has a cultural meaning stemming back to ancient Greece.


  • Top 3 Ways To Get More Online Reviews

    Online reviews are sweeping the marketplace, and are making or braking businesses. Consumers would rather listen to what your customers have to say, rather than an advertisement you publish.


  • 5 Tips To Get More Website Traffic

    There are several ways of getting more traffic to your website. Some of them, like SEO, can be expensive - and not guranteed. Here are some tried and proven teqniques to boost your website traffic starting today.


  • Why Your Digital Marketing Isn't Working

    Are you frustrated with your digital marketing efforts? Are they not producing the results you hoped they would? We've had several clients over the years throw in the towel uttering the dreaded words, "it just isn't working" - and we're not ashamed to admit it.


  • The Present & Future of Digital Marketing in Fresno

    In the last ten years, the number of digital marketing agencies in the United States has skyrocketed as advances in digital-based marketing technologies have produced a substantial and trackable return on investment. 


  • Why You Should Be Recycling Your Content

    By "recycling content", I'm not suggesting that you go dumpster diving in other people's blogs or news feeds and claim them as your own. Not only can it be considered plagiarism, but it can also turn people off to your brand.


  • 5 Signs Google Hates Your Website

    poor website rank

    One of the most frustrating and common questions our clients ask us is: “Why isn’t my website showing up on Google?” I thought I’d shed some light on the subject, and provide some insider tips on why Google may not be showing your website when you search for your business, products, and services.


  • Top Local Advertising Tips For Small Businesses

    local advertising tips

    Never overlook the importance of local advertising - even if the business can serve clients worldwide, some of the best word-of-mouth will be from local clients. These five advertising tips are effective ways to market your business locally.