By "recycling content", I'm not suggesting that you go dumpster diving in other people's blogs or news feeds and claim them as your own. Not only can it be considered plagiarism, but it can also turn people off to your brand.


One can't argue the abundance of "What So-And-So Can Teach Us About..." articles flooding the Pulse waves these days. "Lessons" from celebrities, movies, songs, fictional characters, politicians, cats, and inanimate objects seem to be the hot topics hitting the mainstream.


If you aren't familiar with the 80/20 rule in the business world, it basically means that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Therefore you should focus your efforts on gaining more clients like your top 20%.


Although social media is the hot topic of the decade, it obviously can't be the end-all for humanity. We are much smarter creatures than that. Everyone knows that technology is a swift changing animal. 


In the last ten years, the number of digital marketing agencies in the United States has skyrocketed as advances in digital-based marketing technologies have produced a substantial and trackable return on investment. 


Are you frustrated with your digital marketing efforts? Are they not producing the results you hoped they would? We've had several clients over the years throw in the towel uttering the dreaded words, "it just isn't working" - and we're not ashamed to admit it.


Do you ever see conflict between your Google AdWords and Google Analytics data? If so, you are not alone. There are a number of reasons why the data doesn't match. Let's first understand what each system is tracking.


Do you write contributing posts on LinkedIn, otherwise known as long-form posts? If so, you'll want to be sure your efforts are not wasted, and get other members to read your articles. Here are some strategies and tips to get more traffic to your long-form posts.


Is your business showing up in local search results on sites like Google? If not, it may be because there are issues with your business profile on the top website directories. Moz, a leading search optimization resource, has a free tool that lets you check the health of your business on a local level.


Everyone's focused on using Facebook to generate sales these days. Here are some tips to turn your Facebook efforts into customers.