Facebook recently updated their Interests targeting in the Facebook Ads system. Some interests no longer exist, or are renamed. It seems as though they have been broken into more niche interests. What does this mean for your Facebook ads?


There are several ways of getting more traffic to your website. Some of them, like SEO, can be expensive - and not guranteed. Here are some tried and proven teqniques to boost your website traffic starting today.


Since the main goal of search engines like Google is to provide users with the most relevant results, they are now giving stronger consideration (and ranking) to relevant content, rather than scripted tactics. Improved technology is allowing search engines to read and understand website content.


The Google Grant (or Google AdWords Grant as it's officially named) provides 501c3 nonprofits with $10,000/mo in Google AdWords credit. Here are some of the top ways nonprofits can put their advertising credit to use.


Though Google & Facebook offer different services, they are the titans of the internet world. Both being publicly owned, the question always arises between the two brands: Which is better? 


The Business Journal recently covered the launch of Madera County Economic Development Commission’s new website, built by Nettra Marketing.


Are you wishing more people 'liked' your Facebook page? You've already recommended it to everyone you know, and asked them to do the same. Your marketing materials all say "Like Us On Facebook". You've placed Facebook signs all over your office, and they've even made their way into the bathroom. If you're suffering from Facebook Disfunction, there's a magic pill that can solve your stunted growth. 


Online reviews are sweeping the marketplace, and are making or braking businesses. Consumers would rather listen to what your customers have to say, rather than an advertisement you publish.


When people are on their favorite social media stream, they aren't going to "slow their scroll" for a boring block of text. We are visual creatures. The term "meme" has a cultural meaning stemming back to ancient Greece.


When it comes to Facebook, this is one of the questions we get asked the most. The answer is not the same for everyone. How often you post should be determined by the size of your fan base. It all has to do with frequency, and how much turnover (or unlikes) your page can support.