Is there something you want to learn about your customer? If discovering a behavior, need, or opinion of your target audience can help your business or marketing strategy, then Google is a great tool.


Many businesses ignore their Yelp page because they think some of the reviews are fake, false, or unfair. The good news is there things you can do to put an end to the negative reviews. 


When I say viral, I don't mean a couple hundred likes. I mean a couple hundred thousand, or million! My first photo to go viral was in 2013. It was on my Facebook called Social Pups. The photo was of a soldier with laying down with his K9 companion.


Is your website not showing up on page one of Google when you search for the products or service you offer? You could be missing out on lots of business!


We all have brands that we “like” on Facebook. Some we liked to help promote a friend or colleague, some we liked to get content not available otherwise, and some are brands, musicians, or artists that we take an interest in.


As an official Google Partner, our dedicated Account Strategist provided us with a list of Negative Keywords that apply to most industries and ad campaigns. We thought we'd share them with you!


Does your Facebook page suffer from one or more of these things? If so, it might be hurting your reputation, and your business. Fix them, and you can be sure you'll have a Facebook page that will make any social media marketer proud. 


Websites have come a long way since the dot com boom of the 90’s. Recently the social media boom has taken over, and ignoring this trend can turn your website and business from “too cool” to “old school”.


Too many websites stay frozen in time, providing thirsty travelers with dry and outdated content. The good news is that search engines like Google are starting devalue stale websites.


If you're feeling like you are becoming more and more like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, you are. Have you noticed lately that ads seem to be more tailored to your interest, and even follow you around the web?