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When you plan the web design of your small business's site, it can be easy to overlook its Wordpress blog.  A small business's blog can be a big part of their online image, so be sure to craft the blog's web design with care.  

While a fair amount of the design can be driven by your individual preferences, there are a few web design guidelines you should try to follow and certain mistakes to avoid.  Keeping these key factors in mind can ensure that your website blog is designed to provide the optimal user experience and keep readers coming back for more.

1. Make It Easy to Share


If your blog is lacking social share buttons, making this small change to its web design can have a big impact on your blog's marketing power.  Making it easy for readers to share your content with the world is a great way to increase your reach and establish authority and influence in your area.

2. Use Tags And Categories


Aside from the clear SEO benefits, using categories and tags is a web design tactic that can make your blog more approachable and easy to navigate for readers.  Categorizing your content helps readers find exactly what they're looking for on your blog and increases engagement.

3. Choose Fonts Carefully


Your choice of font may seem like a minor web design detail, but it can actually impact the customer's feeling about your blog and perception of your brand.  Make sure you select a font that sends the right visual message and allows users to read your blog with ease.

4. Encourage Comments


The best company blogs invite comments from readers, whether that feedback is positive or negative.  Forcing readers to register for an account before they can leave a comment is a turnoff:  When you plan your blog's web design, make it as easy as possible for readers to leave comments.   

5. Add Related Content To Posts


When you post content, give your readers the chance to delve deeper into your blog.  Offering related content encourages your readers to stick around and learn more; its a smart web design move for any company blog.

Your business's Wordpress blog puts a human face on your company and allows your brand's personality to shine.  Don't let poor web design choices drive customers away from your blog.  With these best practices and web design tips in place, your blog is sure to be a strong part of your overall online strategy.


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