avoid ppc mistakes

In the world of PPC advertising, there are certain guidelines and best practices that we try our best to follow.  Not only do these strategies help optimize ads for profit and performance, but they also help protect the reputation of your brand; ignoring these recommendations can be a recipe for disaster.  

Let's look at three common PPC mistakes and see how you can avoid these advertising fails in your own campaigns.

1.  Missed Connections


When you take a user from your ad to a landing page, be sure to deliver whatever was promised in your advertising.  Any offers that are presented in your ad copy should be easy to find on the landing page.  If a potential customer clicks through to your landing page and can't find any mention of the 20 percent discount touted in your advertising, they'll be less likely to make a purchase.  Even worse, the subconscious message will be that you're a business that fails to deliver.

2.  Questionable Placement


The example above is just one of the ways that your advertising can unconsciously create a negative impression of your brand.  Similar connections are made when your ads show up in less-than-desirable places:  Users don't understand exactly how the rules of PPC advertising work, so when they see your brand appearing next to some questionable content, they assume you chose to be there.  To avoid these situations, be sure to regularly add negative keywords to your PPC campaigns and exclude any placements on a display network that may damage your brand's image.  

3.  Over-Retargeting


While retargeting can be an incredibly effective advertising tactics, there's a fine line between retargeting and stalking your audience.  Don't cross that line.  When you're putting together your retargeting strategy, be sure that you rotate your audience and cap the number of impressions a targeted individual sees each day; these moves will keep people from feeling like they just can't get away from your advertising.  

The three examples outlined in this article are just a few of the problems that can arise by ignoring PPC advertising best practices.  Don't take chances with your brand:  Keep the essential recommendations and guidelines in mind when you plan your PPC campaigns, and ensure your advertising efforts are on the right track from the start.


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