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A lot of SEO campaigns are set up to fail, even if the businesses behind them don't realize it.  Unrealistic expectations, tight budgets and poor decision-making can quickly thwart your efforts to rise in the search rankings.  

If you're trying to figure out if your own SEO campaign is on the right track, looking at a few key factors can help you assess your situation and make the appropriate changes.

1.  Understanding Your Goals


Unrealistic goals have been the downfall of many SEO campaigns.  You can't expect to dominate the search results for every keyword and every product you offer right away.  An incremental approach is more feasible:  Choose one product or service and optimize for it.  Once you've achieved success with that product, you can move on and optimize for the next one.

2.  Setting A Realistic Budget


Many businesses want to achieve SEO success but don't want to make the necessary investment. Spend too little, and there won't be enough gas in the tank to get you to your destination. Spend too much, and you could be wasting your efforts on a hill that can never be climbed. Working with an SEO professional can help give you a better idea of what a realistic budget would be for your business.  

3.  Choosing The Right Keywords


Optimizing for the wrong keywords can quickly derail your SEO efforts. Choose your battles wisely. Some keywords may not have enough search volume to make it worth while to go after. Others may be overly competitive, and no matter how much money you throw at them, you'll never win the battle.  The extensive keyword research provided by an agency can help you focus on the keywords that are both realistic, and often used.

4.  The Quality Of Your Website


Your website plays an integral part in the success of your SEO campaigns.  The site needs to engage visitors immediately in order to keep them there.  Engagement leads to conversions, which is the main way that businesses gauge the success of their campaigns.  If your website is outdated, hard to navigate, or mobile-unfriendly, you should look into updating your web design. Various factors like site speed, proper schema and tagging can all play a vital role in the success of your overall SEO campaign.

5.  Your Analysis Of The Data


If you want your SEO strategy to have long-term potential, you need to track data and analyze your results.  Based on your findings, you may need to make a few minor tweaks, or you may have to make broader changes like redesigning your website or overhauling your content strategy.  Don't gauge your SEO success on just one factor, like ranking.  Look at all your data points and how they work together:  This will make it easier to find weak spots in the system. Third part reporting tools like Raven Tools and Moz make analysing your data more easier.

It's not always easy to run a successful SEO campaign, but the job is simpler when you've identified some of the common pitfalls.  If any of these areas need work, make the changes now so you can reap the rewards going forward.



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