Your business's brand is an important asset that plays a big role in a company's marketing initiatives, whether you're working with an advertising agency or handling the advertising yourself.  

If you're doing some AdWords campaigns, you might be asking your advertising agency if you should be bidding on your own brand's keywords.  In general, the answer to that is yes; however, professionals at your agency will tell you that it's not worth blowing your business's PPC budget on company keywords.  

With a few strategies at work, you or your agency can ensure you own your brand while still staying within your budget.

1. Knock Out The Competition

You may dismiss the idea of spending money on branded term keywords when you're planning a campaign, assuming that your pages will show up organically in the search results.  However, bidding on your own brand name can be worthwhile. Your competitors may be bidding on your company’s name.  


What if a competitor's ad ends up at the top of the search results for queries on your company name?  Searches for a specific business name tend to be further along in the conversion funnel; it's important to grab as much real estate as possible in the search results for these queries. 

TIP: You may want to include "Official Site" in your headline copy to distinguish your ad from others that are bidding on your company name. 

2. Take Control Of Your Message

Branded term ads are a great way to show your current promotion, event, or seasonal goals. When people search for your company by name on Google, the organic result lists information that is determined by Google.


The title, description, schema, and site links are pulled from your site’s meta data. Typically this isn’t something that you’ll want to frequently change, for SEO and indexing purposes. Therefore you leave it up to Google to show what’s important about your brand at any given time.

By displaying an ad at the top of the search results when people search for you by name, you are able to have control over the content, and you can change it as often as you’d like to be more relevant than your organic result.

3. A Better User & Brand Experience

On top of having control over your brand’s message in the ad copy, you can also take advantage of ad extensions. Create the optimal site map of what you deem as the most important pages of your website, instead of leaving it up to Google.


The Callout extension provides more real estate for you to market your current promotions and offers. You can also use call and location extensions in case they don’t show up by default on the organic listing. Overall, ad extensions create a better user experience, and allow your company to provide more options to users than they would normally get from organic results.

Is It Worth The Spend?

It's clear that bidding on your brand is a good idea, but how much of your PPC advertising budget should you allocate to these keywords?  You can come up with a good balance between branded keywords and other keywords.  Branded search terms are usually some of the least costly on a per-click basis, but be sure that you can afford the increase in clicks that will come from search volume.  

Try not to spend more than 25% of your budget on branded keywords, and work closely with a certified Google AdWords manager or advertising agency to determine the exact mix of keywords for your campaign.

Branded keywords are powerful and should play a role in any well-planned PPC strategy.  Even though they're important, branded keywords shouldn't end up eating up your PPC advertising budget.  Figure out the right keyword mix, and consider branded keywords a supplement to your primary campaigns in order to get the best return on investment for your efforts.


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