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If you're a small business owner, your website has a clear purpose:  to generate leads that ultimately convert to customers.  Just getting people to visit your website isn't enough; the key is to get visitors to take the next step and become customers.  

Certain elements of web design can have a real impact on the effectiveness of your site.  Let's take a look at a few easy ways you can tweak your current web design to improve conversions:

1.  Simplify Your Web Design


It's tempting to cram as many images and elements as possible into your landing page, but visitors are often turned off by a cluttered design.  A clean, streamlined web design is far more effective.  Be sure to keep your content simple as well:  A few relevant bullet points will tell visitors all they need to know.  

2.  Understand Your Customers' Persona


You'll have the best chance at conversions if you try to plan your web design from the perspective of your ideal customer.  Is your target demographic primarily younger or older?  Do you have a largely male or female audience?  Think about what that buyer would want to see.  Even seemingly minor aspects of your web design like fonts and colors should be chosen with your ideal customer in mind.

3.  Emphasize Your Call to Action


This may seem obvious, but many websites seem to bury their call to action beneath a jumble of less relevant information.  Be sure your web design allows your call to action to stand out:  Your site's call to action should be placed above the fold and preferably over a soft conversion point like a free email sign-up form.

4.  Place A Form On Every Page


Make it easy for potential customers to build a connection with your company.  Adding a simple form, such as an email newsletter sign-up, to the sidebar of each of your pages gives visitors the opportunity to take the step that may lead to an eventual conversion.

5.  Test Everything


The best way to figure out if some aspect of your web design is working is to test it.  A/B testing allows you to test everything from different kinds of content to small color tweaks.  You'll be able to get a better understanding of your visitors' behavior and determine which tactics help boost conversions.

As you can see, adjusting certain key elements of your web design can pay off in increased leads and sales.  Remember:  It's not about having the most attractive, award-winning web design; it's about having a website that will boost your bottom line.


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