• Facebook's Resolution For 2014: Make Doing Business, Harder

    Facebook's Resolution For 2014: Make Doing Business, Harder

    Just when businesses were beginning to feel comfortable with the notion of receiving online reviews from their customers on Yelp, Google, and Foursquare, Facebook had to throw a giant, rusty wrench in the works.


  • Should I Be Marketing On Facebook?

    Should I Be Marketing On Facebook?

    The buzz over the past few years has been all about promoting your business on Facebook. It's been smoking on the back burner for a while, and you're finally ready to jump on the bandwagon. The good news is it's not too late! The bad news is that it may not be the best wagon for you to jump on.


  • Top 5 Things People Do Wrong On Their Facebook Page

    Top 5 Things People Do Wrong On Their Facebook Page

    Does your Facebook page suffer from one or more of these things? If so, it might be hurting your reputation, and your business. Fix them, and you can be sure you'll have a Facebook page that will make any social media marketer proud. 


  • 7 Helpful Facebook Marketing Strategies

    7 Helpful Facebook Marketing Strategies

    We all have brands that we “like” on Facebook. Some we liked to help promote a friend or colleague, some we liked to get content not available otherwise, and some are brands, musicians, or artists that we take an interest in.


  • How Often Should You Post On Facebook?

    When it comes to Facebook, this is one of the questions we get asked the most. The answer is not the same for everyone. How often you post should be determined by the size of your fan base. It all has to do with frequency, and how much turnover (or unlikes) your page can support. 


  • How To Get More Fans On Facebook

    Are you wishing more people 'liked' your Facebook page? You've already recommended it to everyone you know, and asked them to do the same. Your marketing materials all say "Like Us On Facebook". You've placed Facebook signs all over your office, and they've even made their way into the bathroom. If you're suffering from Facebook Disfunction, there's a magic pill that can solve your stunted growth. 


  • Why Google Will Outlast Facebook

    Though Google & Facebook offer different services, they are the titans of the internet world. Both being publicly owned, the question always arises between the two brands: Which is better? 


  • Your Facebook Ads May Not Be Running

    Your Facebook Ads May Not Be Running

    Facebook recently updated their Interests targeting in the Facebook Ads system. Some interests no longer exist, or are renamed. It seems as though they have been broken into more niche interests. What does this mean for your Facebook ads?


  • Top 5 Ways To Get More Sales On Facebook

    Everyone's focused on using Facebook to generate sales these days. Here are some tips to turn your Facebook efforts into customers.  


  • What Your Dog Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

    One can confidently argue that dogs are the most social creatures next to humans. It makes sense that they're social, since we purposely tamed them into our society from wild wolves.


  • Google Advertising vs. Facebook Advertising

    When it comes to the most popular websites in the world, Google and Facebook get over 1/3rd of the world’s population logging in. So it’s only natural for businesses to try and be relevant on each platform to source new potential clients.


  • Facebook Launches Retargeting

    facebook custom audiences

    Have you ever wondered why you see ads from certain websites you visit, after you leave them? This is called retargeting. A cookie is placed in your web browser that let’s other websites know where you’ve been. They then can then serve ads that match your previous browser history.


  • Nothing Can Be Deleted On Facebook

    Have you ever posted something on Facebook that you wish you hadn’t? Maybe you posted a photo you aren’t so proud of anymore? Worse yet, maybe somebody else has posted an embarrassing photo of yourself? For many people the answer is most likely “yes”.