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  • How Often Should You Update Your Website?

    How Often Should You Update Your Website?

    Too many websites stay frozen in time, providing thirsty travelers with dry and outdated content. The good news is that search engines like Google are starting devalue stale websites.


  • 7 Tips To Make Your Website More Social

    7 Tips To Make Your Website More Social

    Websites have come a long way since the dot com boom of the 90’s. Recently the social media boom has taken over, and ignoring this trend can turn your website and business from “too cool” to “old school”.


  • 3 Tips To Make Your Website More Relevant On Search Engines

    Since the main goal of search engines like Google is to provide users with the most relevant results, they are now giving stronger consideration (and ranking) to relevant content, rather than scripted tactics. Improved technology is allowing search engines to read and understand website content.


  • How To Choose The Right Website Design Company

    choose the right web designer

    If you want to pull in as much traffic as you can to your website, then you need to make sure you have something that will truly excite your viewers and elicit their engagement.


  • The 3 C's Of Solid Web Design

    tips for solid web design

    Effective website design requires a deft and patient hand. When executed with care, good design is filled with creativity and compelling visuals. This leads to strong points of contact and expansion, and an enhanced competitive edge for you and your clients.


  • Responsive Web Design: Why Does It Matter?

    responsive web design

    If you're still waiting to develop a responsive website design for your business, it's time to stop procrastinating and take action.


  • 5 Web Design Tips That Increase Conversions

    web design conversions

    If you're a small business owner, your website has a clear purpose:  to generate leads that ultimately convert to customers.  Just getting people to visit your website isn't enough; the key is to get visitors to take the next step and become customers.  


  • 5 Web Design Tips For Your Blog

    blog web design

    When you plan the web design of your small business's site, it can be easy to overlook its Wordpress blog.  A small business's blog can be a big part of their online image, so be sure to craft the blog's web design with care.  


  • Is Your Website Design Search Friendly?

    search friendly website design

    When you're optimizing your website for the search engines, content shouldn't be the only factor to keep in mind.  While good content plays a big part in getting your website to the top of the search results for relevant keywords, elements of your site's web design can also aid your SEO efforts.


  • The 4 Dont's Of Website Navigation

    web design navigation

    Navigation can make or break your website:  This one factor can influence a website's success or failure more than any other aspect of web design.  It plays a big part in the user-friendliness of a website, it has an impact on search rankings, and it can affect a site's conversion rate.